Friday Night @ Journal Square – Best Place to Be for Palestine, Feb. 3 Report

I actually personally attended this event and hope to elaborate on the pleasant and meaningful experience.  For now I offer you this photo set of NJ Palestine supporters and opponents of genocide.

We might also have some additional photos and videos later but for now here is the wonderful photo set from @PSLnewjersey:

And here is a clip of my denunciation of USA launching a war on Yemen in defense of genocide:

There is no other way to describe the US bombing of Yemen but as a war in defense of genocide!

US bombing Yemen is a war in defense of genocide.

Because Yemen was putting a little bit of a damper on the flow of the deadly weapons to the Israelis and they still are!

And that’s what fighting for human rights and democracy is: a blockade to stop the weapons from getting to the genociders.

So the United States is bombing Yemen in defense of ge no cide!

Genociding Biden.
Genociding Biden, we charge genocide.

There is no other way to describe the motivation of the bombing of Yemen.

Thank you!