No NYPD Gala on Intrepid – Collaboration with Israel in Fascist Attack on NYC Students is Nothing to Celebrate or Fund! Thu 6/6 5:30p


Thursday, June 6, 2024  5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
West 46th St, Pier 86, NY, NY 10036

Every year the New York City Police Foundation holds a gala for the wealthy to donate money to the already over-funded NYPD. A single ticket costs $2,500. Additionally, the foundation doesn’t disclose who donates. They just tell us where the money goes. Rather than funding our city’s crumbling infrastructures, the wealthy are funding the militarization of our subways.

• Release the Donors Names
• Stop Funding Police Terror
• Demilitarize the Subway


◦ Al-Awda
◦ Anakbayan Manhattan
◦ Anakbayan Queens
◦ Anakbayan Rutgers
◦ BAYAN Northeast
◦ Black Men Build NYC
◦ Brooklyn Boricua Resistance
◦ Bronx Boricua Resistance
◦ Columbia Social Workers for Palestine
◦ Diaspora Pa’Lante Collective
◦ For Our Liberation
◦ Freedom Road Socialist Organization – NY
◦ Friends of Swazi Freedom
◦ Justice for Eudes Pierre
◦ International League of Peoples’ Struggle NE
◦ Malaya NYC
◦ NYC Palestinian Youth Movement
◦ NY Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines
◦ NYU Shut it Down
◦ NYU Students of Color for Change
◦ NYU Students for a Democratic Society
◦ NYU Students for Justice in Palestine
◦ Within Our Lifetime
◦ Workers World Party

Why are we protesting and what are our demands?

Despite the NYPD’s bloated $11 billion dollar budget, wealthy donors are giving money to a 501-C3 to gain tax breaks. This particular charity also doesn’t disclose who donates to the charity, giving them anonymity. Additionally, the NYCPF funds programs such as Crime Stoppers, encouraging civilians to snitch on each other),and the International Liaisons, which stations NYPD officers overseas.

Our demands aim to reveal who the donors are to hold them accountable, to stop giving money to the NYPD that is brutalizing communities and students around the city, and to stop putting military and cops on our subways.

A New York Community Action Project