River Scrounger Media Video Coverage of the NJ Support for Palestine Struggle is an organizing news platform and we aim to provide voice for those who work to create art or other artifacts to advance the message against genocide. One such art is video documentation and journalism. We also hope to build a reference and capture video, photo and written history of the protests that have occurred going forward and going back to October 7. So these collections will help us back fill – we hope to be able to create a timeline. I am betting we are going to find that NJ hardly missed a day – we say and fight for Palestine every day!

This first video set is by video artist River Scrounger Media. These clips were designed for Instagram messaging – short – edited. Wisely River Scrounger is in the practice of keeping copies of their work stored off of social media and organized. They also are in the habit of loading their craft to Youtube or Vimeo – this is their Youtube collection. That way if Instagram is lost – not only do they still have all the videos stored privately – there is another forward facing platform that the videos can be staged from. These are wise practices.

This editor believes that Instagram is an unstable platform – with built in repression – the potential for account shut down (like Within Our Lifetime) and threats by META to ban the word Zionism. Probably one of the reasons that Instagram has not shut down the pro-Palestine work on the platform is because the value to US and Israeli intelligence of having all the data from the activism.  But the potential for such an Instagram shut down is always present.  So best practices we are suggesting is to preserve the history with a private organized storage area for archival information as well as an alternative forward facing platform for the potential event when Instagram is no longer an option for our struggle – like Youtube or Vimeo.

River Scrounger is a professional video artist and if you are interested in quality video capture and editing you can reach her through her website:

Thank you River Scrounger for sharing your collection with and our visitors and congratulations on your struggle video journalism – we hope to continue to work with you to echo your amplification of NJ’s Pro-Palestine struggle.  From River Scrounger’s Pro-Palestine clips:

March 1, 2024 – Bushnell Memorial and Protest Against Lockheed Martin War and Genocide Profiteer in King Of Prussia PA

#kingofprussia #philly
On 3.1.24, a memorial protest was held outside of Lockheed Martin in King of Prussia, PA to honor Aaron Bushnell. The 25 year old airman who self-imm*lated outside the Isr*eli embassy in Washington DC last week stated that he no longer wanted to be complicit in the g*n0cide of P@lestinians. As one of the largest weapons manufacturers in the US, Lockheed Martin is not only complicit in but also actively profiting off of the m@ss m*rder, wounding, and displacement of P@lestinians.
#kingofprussia #philly

2.2.24 Rutgers EJC Protest in Solidarity with Silismar Suriel

The Rutgers Endowment Justice Collective (EJC) held an emergency protest on Friday, 2/2/24 in solidarity with Silismar Suriel, who was removed from running the Center for Latino Arts and Culture’s Instagram page after she reposted a pro-Palestinian article. EJC writes that Silismar “has been curating this page for more than 12 years with no compensation. This [removal] is evidence of yet another instance in which the Rutgers administration is silencing pro-Palestinian students and faculty. The silencing and oppression done on this campus reaches all marginalized communities and faculty. When you silence one, you silence us all.”

On 2/14/24, an emergency protest against Isr*el’s attack on Rafah

#rutgers #newbrunswick #nj
On 2/14/24, an emergency protest against Isr*el’s attack on Rafah was held at Rutgers New Brunswick. The Students for Justice in P@lestine (SJP) and the Endowment Justice Collective (EJC) demand that the university:
1. Divest its endowment fund from Isr*eli ap*rtheid & g*nocide.
2. Reinstate Silismar Suriel, who was retaliated against for supporting P@lestine and P@lestinian students.
3. Release a statement from the office of the president acknowledging the g*nocide and calling for a ceasefire.
#rutgers #newbrunswick #nj – 2 videos from this event:

The following are several clips from the February 7 march through Newark to City Hall demanding a cease fire resolution be passed by the Newark City Council: