ActionReports Report on Newark Protest Gets Picked Up by Patch Newark!

See Newark Patch coverage of this event.

One of the advantages of a forward-facing site for our information and reports on our movement is the potential to encourage greater news coverage of our movement.  And that can lead to more people figuring out how to join us.  This news coverage – always top level by Eric Kiefer of Newark Patch – is a testament to the potential of to amplify the messages of our fight.

The Patch coverage announces the protest at Booker’s Friday, February 9, 5pm, One Gateway Newark AND links back to our coverage twice!  That means there is potential that folks not normally exposed to our perspective are being provided the view, with a link to how to get involved in 100 different ways!

Our original report which is linked here – also appears below.

On February 7, hundreds of opponents of US and Israeli genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza took the streets of Newark to demand that Newark city council adopt a resolution calling for an immediate cease fire. The rally was addressed by leaders of student and community Palestinian support organizations including Lawrence Hamm, chair of the Peoples Organization for Progress. As of 1pm many of the protesters were still gathered at City Hall attempting to gain entrance to the building to make their demands in the halls of power.

More details, pictures, possibly videos hopefully will be added to the story later. Anyone with pictures or videos or who want to go on record with some commentary, please insta box @fightbackbetter or email

Foe my part I invited participants to scan QR codes for as well as the related Insta account. 11 new connects have been established. I hung out with the two men with the large flag in the middle of the street and was able to transfer the QR code to several drivers of vehicles as well as pedestrians across the street. On the way back to my car I did sort of a little jog waving a small Palestinian flag – I bought two and gave one away from a vendor – $10 – several people on the way agreed to scan the QR code.

Lisa Davcis and I distributed fliers for the protest this Friday, Feb. 9, 5pm at Sena-Genocider Booker’s office, One Gateway, across from Penn Station. (Please spread the word.)

I hope to have a more expanded report later.  More details about Friday’s Booker office protest – click pic:

How the bombing of Yemen, Iraq and Syria is linked to the genocide.

Here is a street video and audio report from Lisa Davis of Black is Back Coalition:

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Here is a beautiful video montage set to music, video artist Ayanna.

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More pics of the Red, Black, Green and White waving against the City Hall backdrop and possible conversation with other participants – click the picture!.

Hey Newark Council!  WE SAY CEASE FIRE NOW!

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