Cal Poly Humboldt- News and Information from Inside Building Occupation – Cops Threaten Arrests and Violence – Protesters Prepare Resistance

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Cal Poly has announced switch to remote for rest of semester in response to protests – see announcement:

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Report from within the Cal Poly Humboldt Building Occupation

The Occupation of Siemens Hall


On April 22, 2024, inspired by the resilience of the Gaza solidarity encampment at Columbia University and other demonstrations around the country, students at Cal Poly Humboldt campus in Arcata, California occupied a building in solidarity with Palestinians, precipitating a showdown with police from throughout the region. In the following report, participants in the occupation describe what took place and what they learned.

This represented a significant escalation in the current wave of student demonstrations in solidarity with Palestine. As the local organization Humboldt for Palestine announced, “this was not a protest organized by Humboldt for Palestine, but an organic CPH student organizing movement.”

After an hours-long standoff, local media reported that the police were forced to withdraw:

10:50 pm: All law enforcement have left from in front of the building and appear to be leaving the campus. Scanner traffic appears to confirm that law enforcement has left the scene. One officer said that law enforcement is being “disbanded.” Students are currently pouring in and out of the occupied building.

Cal Poly Humboldt remains shut down through at least tomorrow, according to the administration.

You can read more about the recent history of building occupations as a tactic in student organizing here.

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