Ride Palestine Ride!

Incredible video reports from the Ride for Palestine event this past Saturday.

There is a flex here demonstrating the power that we have to challenge the genocide and the potential of creative forms of resistance.

@wheelsofpalestine certainly is on to something here.

The following ideas I am suggesting does not apply to the Saturday Rides for Palestine – these are just food for thought.

I have done what I call ‘sound carring’ which is to drive slowly while broadcasting from my loud sound system messages – I did this for one week during the Rutgers faculty strike last year. Possible caravans with sound motoring slowly through Main Streets – or through areas where there are folks in their routines that might be able to relate to the Palestinian cause and similarities to their own predicaments here in the US could be considered.

Also – similar techniques albeit fine tuned to the purpose could possibly be used to form a tacit traffic picket near facilities that are servicing the genocide industry – so that maybe supplies can not get in or out or the staff can not get into the office. It could also be done with a mix of flagged vehicles and incognito participants that can help snarl traffic – by circling around near the businesses that need to be stopped from producing or shipping genocide products.

We can possibly also reach out to see if there are biker clubs, car clubs, etc. that might want to converge forces.

These are all just ideas about where such methods can possibly develop – this is food for discussion and consideration.

@wheelsofpalestine are doing just fine without such suggestions though!