NJ Instagram Accounts for Palestine: Organizational Resources in Support of Organizing Against Genocide

These are some of the Palestine engaged organizational and resource oriented Palestine support efforts in NJ, by no means a complete list. More can be added – using the form or drop to @fightbackbetter on Insta.

There are two flavors of data. For the first set only the avatars are shown. This is because Insta did not create a proper embed to link to the recent postings.

However further down you can see that the accounts show the last few postings for each account. This can be utilized as a quick look over some of the content providing insta accounts to have a quick view of the recent updates/

Sometimes though on the more complete postings Insta stops returning the full picture of the recent postings and I am researching if there is an issue that can be resolved. It might be come necessary to convert it all to just the pictures if there is some insurmountable reason why that happens.

It is perfectly a good idea to connect with all of these profiles and engage them in the activities and collaborative efforts.  

This page is especially useful for those who are gathering information across the board to share – as is – the information movers of our operations!