Lets get NJ Pro-Palestine out into the Twitter Street! Help @fightbackbettr reach 1000s more with a daily review of our articles there and retweeting to your followers!

Part of the functionality of Fight Back Better news publication is to create postings from our news reporting and announcements on three social network platforms: Instagram, Facebook and twitter (now X).

The twitter / X part of the process gives us an opportunity to amplify our messaging literally to 1000s of potential supporters.

I urge all of those who are users of the X / twitter facility to participate. The work flow is for you to use your twitter account to visit and review and read our materials there, in account @fightbackbettr (no e).  You can follow us on twitter and review / read out materials there.

You can further publicize those materials by selecting the articles posted on @fightbackbetter. If so inclined, select the messages that are suitable to your followers and retweet (or repost) them to your followers. We are raising the Palestine flag and our demands to end the genocide and the occupation in every way. Lets make sure we fully leverage the potential of using X / Twitter to get our message out there further about our protests and our stand on the issues. For now I would like to ask that folks check this posting out – as it helps publicize the upcoming NJ historic February 9 unified student protests for Palestine.