Are We Ready to Step Up to the NJ Genocide Weapons Profiteers to SHUT THEM DOWN?

This video is from Medea Benjamin’s Twitter account and it shows a blockade by Palestine supporters of multiple entrances of a weapons manufacturers. She described the occurrence as follows:

“Happening Now🚨: 100 Palestinian and Youth led protestors shut down WoodWard (weapons manufacturer) near Chicago IL. Woodward provides systems to #Boeing bombs that are currently being used to massacre over 27,000 Palestinains in Gaza. Protestors have blocked all entrances.” It was posted 7:53 AM · Feb 7, 2024.

We in NJ should probably figure out where similar genocide profiting is occurring in NJ or nearby and start thinking of creative ways to act to stop the genocide. Everything else we are doing is great and we need to keep doing all of it – it is not either or – but I believe there are likely some choke points in NJ or close by where genocidal implements are being manufactured, assembled, distributed and / or otherwise produced and sent to the Israeli genocidal regimne.

Anyone with information about such NJ area connections, please contact the Editorial staff: – and contact also if you are interested in researching the matter.

This call of support for those arrested is coming in – please make the calls and continue to monitor and support.