Englewood Land Stolen by Israeli Settlers by Fraudsters Proffering Phony Deeds in Englewood Protested March 5

On Tuesday, March 5th, community members protested the illegal sale of Palestinian land in Englewood, NJ. Police responded by prohibiting pedestrian access and parking in nearby streets. As one of the protestors began to pray, a cop tried to force her to move, and loomed over her until she finished her prayers.

The theft and sale of Palestinian land is illegal under international law, and this company specifically promotes the sale of property in West Bank settlements, which is prohibited by laws established at the Fourth Geneva Convention. Even the U.S. government considers the settlements to be in violation of international law.

A second real estate event promoting the sale of Palestinian land is planned for tomorrow, March 10th, in Teaneck NJ. Once again, community members will be there to denounce the theft of Palestinian land and the genocide in Gaza, and to call for an immediate ceasefire and an end to Israeli colonization and apartheid.

#freepalestine #ceasefirenow
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