Are There Any NJ Efforts Coordinating with April 15 Strike For Gaza?

The following is information about a call for April 15 – Tax Day – to Strike for Gaza. There have been promotion for among other things an all day set of actions at Wall Street in NYC.

Are there collective efforts in NJ to support this effort? If so please advise this editor with e-mail to this address:

We call on students, workers and all people of conscience to join us on Tax Day, April 15th, for a national strike demanding an END to this U.S.-funded genocide of the Palestinian people.

By committing gross violations of human rights with US weapons, Israel acts with impunity by US permission.

We will disrupt business as usual, demonstrate the power of the masses of people who stand with Palestine, and raise our demands for a permanent ceasefire, an end to all US support and funding of Israel, and the total liberation of Palestine.

Workers: call off work! Students: don’t go to school! Business owners: close your shops! Join a local action! #Strike4Gaza #FreePalestine