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Teaneck Residents and Supporters to Oppose Council Smear amd Stalking of Youth Palestine Supporters: Tuesday, Feb 13 Council Meeting Zoom

Please attend the virtual council meeting tonight at 8PM. Show up for Teaneck students who have bravely taken to the streets of Teaneck for Palestine!

During Friday’s NJ Students Day of Action, right-wing extremist councilwoman Hillary Goldberg stalked Teaneck High School students, following them around town with her camera while accompanied by former councilman and notorious Township bigot, Keith Kaplan.

Councilwoman Goldberg has been deliberate in coming after the teenage activists, and we must do our part in protecting them and speaking out against her intimidation and disgusting behavior.

During the previous council meeting, former councilman Keith Kaplan referred to people in town as “Jihadi Janes” and “sick bastards” and was seen stalking the teenagers during their march through town last Friday.

Councilman Schwartz shut down Good and Welfare last month after he repeatedly attempted to interrupt Township residents who called in to speak out against hateful zionist rhetoric that places pro-Palestinian supporters in danger.

Councilwoman Orgen then went on to falsely accuse one caller of wanting to “blow up the town.”

These are just some of the things town officials and their pathetic supporters have been saying and doing in an attempt to intimidate our Teaneck youth. They are endangering literal CHILDREN.

Prepare a 3 minute statement in support of our youth, and call out this despicable behavior by these bigoted adults.

Free Teaneck from the bigotry of this zionist council!

See details below – click pic to connect to organizers: