PSA: FightBackBetter.Com Is Here to Help Document If You Are Threatened, Smeared, Attacked or Otherwise Harmed for Your Pro-Palestine Work

Below is my earlier report about what I believe to be an innuendo threat on twitter. I dealt with it by documenting it publicly on this news site – where I am editor. Sometimes in my opinion, documenting publicly an attack or threat or innuendo can help to neutralize it because the tormentor could feel like the publicity would identify them if they take any “next steps.” However it is not always the right move.

First and foremost if you are threatened or harmed for your pro-Palestine work in NJ I would suggest going to Cair-NJ. Like any grass roots group they need support, but they have legal expertise, experience, a track record of successful outcomes and they have clear concern around all of the related issues as it is part of their mission. It is up to you to determine the level of the incident and how far you want to pursue it but if it a really serious incident – whether or not you put it on the public record you should connect with some advice – legal and otherwise and CAIR-NJ is one resource for that.

As a news site we believe it is important to document incidents that are worthy of public mention. Participants need to be aware of dangers and we need to be thinking critically about our activities to keep ourselves safe while maintaining maximum effectiveness of our efforts. We have documented incidents that are occurring – including the relatively (hopefully) minor one today – see below.

So if something is happening that you think should be put into the public record for whatever proper purpose – do be encouraged to reach out – for now use – or if you know other ways of contacting this Editor – everything is good.

Be careful and always have some eyes watching the line – every single time!


Well for me this is the epitome and it really makes one fed up with all of the false anti-Semitism baiting over the issue of opposition to arming Israel.

Not only do the pro-Israel true believers accuse everyone of being anti-Semitic that disagrees with Israel – THEY are spreading hatred and death threats every time they try to associate our viewpoint opposing genocide with “Hamas” – when they do that the meaning is – they are telling us that “You Are Deserving of Death.”

Now putting a twitter account on a “Hamas Lovers” list is the beginning of making a death squad list.

They are the ones with the hate, the racism and the threats yet the Democratic and Republican parties are using their hateful narrative to conveniently go after those of us opposing their support for genocide.

Buckle up and be careful – document and make a public record of threats like I am doing about this fascist twittter account so called @falafelandpita on Twitter.