Asbury Park Cease Fire Effort Launched with Sizable Rally Wednesday, March 13 – Report

On Wednesday, March 13, supporters for Palestine came together outside of the city council hall at 5PM in Asbury Park, NJ to prepare for the meeting at 6pm, where residents were planning on proposing a ceasefire resolution. There were at least 50 people who showed up, and more came and went throughout the night.

Supporters rallied outside of the building until 6, and John Hsu, a candidate for House Rep D-6, running against Genocide Supporter Frank Pallone, spoke to the residents of Asbury to garner support for his campaign before entering. He is pro-ceasefire, anti genocide.

After going inside, a lot of people gave speeches in support of Palestine. People came far and wide, not just from Asbury, to show their support for this resolution. So much so that a good portion of people had to stand to the side, as there were no seats left!

There were a few Zionists and hecklers there, but overall it was a very good turnout for Palestine.

The hope now is that the council will work with Asbury Park residents on a Resolution, and will get it voted on soon!

This event was part of a national call to “Shut it Down for Rafah” where Israel is preparing a massive ground operation against 1.2 million Gazans that have been forced into this northern section of Gaza by the US supported Israeli genocide machine. If and when this Israeli operation is engaged the slaughter of Gazans shall increase immensely over and above the horrendous currently ongoing mass slaughter.

For information about next steps keep in touch with  @monmouthcountynj4palestine