Lily Benavides, Responds to NJ Cong. Mikie Sherrill (11th-D) Endorsement of Israel’s Bombing Protected Embassy Facilities and Sherrill’s Calls for Putting GIs at Risk to Defend A Lawless Military Attack on Diplomatic Facilities by Israel

Lily Benavides who is challenging for the 11th. Congressional seat in NJ representing the Green Party has a very different take on Mikie Sherrill’s apparent approval of the Israeli bombing of protected embassy facilities in Syria.

“US has no business jumping in the middle of this – which was instigated by Israel’s aggression – attacking protected embassy facilities in Syria.  Sherrill recklessly calls for US to put its GIs at risk defending that criminal act of Israel – the attack on the embassy . . . That means other nations and forces can use US – Israel doctrine to also attack embassies.  US and Israel – and Sherrill’s disregard for international law sets future precedent – and next time it could be Americans getting blown up by similar pretenses as used by Israel – now with US endorsement – in its attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria .

Also Sherrill’s referring to defense of Israel AGGRESSION as “defense” brings to the surface the whole lie about Israel’s right to “defend itself” – it clearly means in US lexicon Israel’s right to disregard every facet of international law and US will defend Israeli aggression.  So the emperor of Israel’s “right to defend itself” and “right to exist” mantra – is naked – what they mean is US will defend Israel no matter how many laws it breaks and how many babies it pulverizes into piles of rubble.  The US in this case is defending Israel’s right to carry out an act of aggression – bombing a protected embassy facility.  Shame on Israel, Shame on Biden, Shame on Mikie Sherrill! Win or lose – I will do everything I can to stop Mikie from endorsing illegal embassy bombings and leading us to World War III!

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