Rutgers EJC Protest in Solidarity with Silismar Suriel, Feb 2, 2024

The Rutgers Endowment Justice Collective (EJC) held an emergency protest on Friday, 2/2/24 in solidarity with Silismar Suriel, who was removed from running the Center for Latino Arts and Culture’s Instagram page after she reposted a pro-Palestinian article. EJC writes that Silismar “has been curating this page for more than 12 years with no compensation. This [removal] is evidence of yet another instance in which the Rutgers administration is silencing pro-Palestinian students and faculty. The silencing and oppression done on this campus reaches all marginalized communities and faculty. When you silence one, you silence us all.”
See below professionally edited video by Leah Hunt who is available professionally and can be reached at her website.

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