Weekend of Feb 2 – 4, 2024 NJ Palestine Protest Round Up

There is so much activity going on in NJ, this volunteer news editor is having difficulty keeping up with it all so I am combining a few reports into this one article.

We do have a professionally edited video report of the Friday February 2 Protest at Rutgers demanding the reinstatement of Silismar Suriel, unfairly removed from a volunteer position held for 12 years for having an opinion at Rutgers against genocide.  Click pic to see report.

We also have this report from the Journal Square evening Speak Out Protest, Friday evening (Feb 2).  Click pic to see report.

And at that protest I made this screed calling out US bombing of Yemen as a war in defense of genocide.

Soma for Palestine successfully transferred its weekly vigil to Maplewood from South Orange on Sunday, February 4.

Run for Gaza on Saturday February 4 drew out 200 runners – showing that we are moving faster than ever now!

Also on Saturday . . . South Jersey for Gaza continuing their weekly vigil . . . growing in size most weeks!

And Wheels for Palestine continuing to take the roads.

If there are any other events I am missing from this past weekend (taking deep breath) please send the leads to