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60k Children Orphaned by US – Israel Genocide in Gaza – You Can Help Them!

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Almost 60,000 kids and rising are current orphans in Gaza. A number that’s increasing every single day since October 7. Famine and Starvation is at a all time high at record levels. $550 will cover an orphan with all the basic life essentials for a whole year. That includes water , food , shelter , medicine and education. That is $1.50 a day. 100% of all donations goes to this cause which is how we are able to keep it at a very low cost. We work closely with @hcicanada to make sure your donations are delivered successfully to these orphans. It is our duty to be there for our brothers and sisters in Gaza. Please don’t hesitate to donate anything you can inshallah. Anything helps JAK

The following is a report from a recent NJ fundraiser that raised $55 K – enough to help 100 Palestinian orphaned children:

User this link to add your donation.  Donate (

Successfully raised 55k in one night and this is how we did it‼️‼️ Like I said this is just the beginning. We just getting started ‼️‼️

Thank you @auccnj for this amazing event
Thank you @wadispeaks for your amazing work
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Alhamdullilah, first and foremost. Special thank you to @hcicanada @wadispeaks @wheelsofpalestine @auccnj all the amazing volunteers and donors for a another incredible event Mashallah. Stay tuned for more to come inshaAllah

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