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Paterson, Haledon and Prospect Park Call Upon Rep. Pascrell to Support Cease Fire in Congress.

Three Passaic County municipalities have passed resolutions calling upon Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. to support a cease-fire resolution now pending in Congress.  More details are in this North Jersey report.  

Quoting from the article:

‘“This call for action isn’t just about politics,” said Paterson Councilman Alaa “Al” Abdelaziz. “It’s about representing the will and values of the families in our city and stopping the unnecessary loss of civilian lives, including women and children. . . . Pascrell should be echoing the voice of our community that elected him,” said Abdelaziz, the first Palestinian American councilman in a city of 158,000 people.” ‘

It is an awful shame when people have to pass resolutions, petition and call upon members of their own party to stand up and call for an end to this genocidal event that the USA is supporting 100% – in an election year no less!

But it is awesome and a sign of the rising tide of the demands that NJ and the rest of the world is united around, Cease Fire Now, End the Occupation Now, Free Palestine Now, that local councils are rising to the challenge in answer to the pressures from the street!