Was Perth Amboy Council Out of Order When it Withdrew Cease Fire Resolution Without a Vote?

At the June 10 Perth Amboy council meeting, a resolution for a cease fire in Gaza was on the agenda. The resolution was summarily removed from the agenda without a formal tabling vote, without a formal reason (like needing more information) and without providing a date when the matter could be reconsidered. It does not seem like whatever process they used is covered in the standard “Roberts Rules of Order.” Also it appears as if there is some discussion and debate as to whether the matter was “withdrawn” or “tabled” or if it was the entire council that obstructed the vote on the resolution or if it was the action of just the president and one council member, which does not appear to be proper if so. A Perth Amboy community member has written to the council to try to find out exactly what happened – what was the method used to obstruct the consideration, discussion and vote on the resolution and what is the going forward status.

This FightBackBetter Editor is most interested in hearing what is the reply to these questions and we will follow up. We urge Perth Amboy community and surrounding areas to give this issue further attention and to be poised to answer calls to further this important effort to get Perth Amboy community on record as advocating for an end to the US – Israel genocide in Gaza. The following is the letter from the Perth Amboy community member:


From: Perth Amboy <>
Sent: Jun 14, 2024 7:48 AM
To: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>
Subject: : Clarification Needed on Status of Ceasefire Resolution from June 10th Meeting


We are writing as a follow-up to the meeting on June 10th and need some clarification regarding the status of the Ceasefire Resolution being tabled or withdrawn.

According to Robert’s Rules of Order, a motion to table a resolution is made when more information is needed to fairly consider the motion. The motion must include the length of time and reason for tabling the resolution. A majority of members must support the motion to table it for it to pass.

However, it appears that the Ceasefire Resolution was tabled at the request of the council president, with the agreement of one of the other council members, Morales. This does not seem to align with the standard procedure, as there was no vote and no specified date for when the matter would be revisited.

Could you please clarify the procedure used to remove this item from the agenda and its current status? It seems that the action taken was outside of Robert’s Rules, and the council needs to clarify what procedure was executed. It appears the resolution was withdrawn, possibly without due process, as there was no vote to table it.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Representative of Perth Amboy for Palestine

Previously published June 11:
Perth Amboy: Council Withdraws Cease Fire Resolution – Community Members Object! June 10, 2024

After agreeing to add a resolution for a cease fire to the Council Meeting on June 10, the council president and a member apparently decided prior to the meeting to withdraw the motion by some council parliamentary maneuver – disenfranchising Perth Amboy voters and community members who worked in good faith toward the draft of a resolution that was to be voted upon.

During the open to the public portion of the meeting several community members came forward, a couple of pro-Israel speakers in favor of the obstructive action by the council representatives as well as others there to support an end to the genocide and the passage of the cease fire resolution.

This editor also spoke.  The following is the letter I have sent to the Perth Amboy Council with more details and clarifying a couple of the points I made in the presentation with links to supportive information:

—–Original Message—–
From: Bob Witanek <>
Sent: Jun 10, 2024 11:21 PM
To: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>
Cc: <>
Subject: Perth Amboy: Council Withdraws Cease Fire Resolution – Community Members Object! June 10, 2024

This letter has been published at this link:

Thank you for the opportunity to get my 5 minutes of Perth Amboy fame at the council meeting tonight.  I have never set foot in Perth Amboy City Hall previously and you are to be commended in staying foot in the historic building instead of spending a gazillion in tax dollars for a total makeover building just to be more modern than the next town over.  (I hope that is not a loaded issue with a bunch of debate on replacing the building going on – I have honestly not been closely following Perth Amboy local politics.) I wanted to just provide some back up on a couple of the things that I had made reference.

There was a pro-Israel gentleman who spoke before me.  While I believe we made clear that his allegation of a hostile anti-Semitic slur – was indeed an outright fabrication. There was no such anti-Semitism.  That has been a pattern when we advocate against wanton killing of Palestinians in Gaza we are accused of anti-Semitism.  These accusations are made to attempt to discredit the  very true facts we bring to the table.  They have also been used to justify a fascist crackdown on college students across the nation with 1000s of arrests and 1000s of serious injury, bones broken, blunt force injuries, 5 shot in the head by plastic bullets at UCLA, snipers on the rooftops of college buildings – all over false accusations of anti-Semitism.

At the meeting I talked about Dahiya Doctrine (I pronounced and spelled it wrong at meeting) – and how it was developed by Tel Aviv University which has connections to Trenton NJ and to Rutgers University. As stated it is the practice of exacting unequal casualties and infrastructure damage on your war opponent – a total obliteration.

That belief was reinforced and you can watch a clip of a rally of pro-Israel NJ leaders – I made reference to this at the meeting.  “There is no innocent in Gaza, terrorists from cradle to grave” as they conduct slaughter taking babies from cradle to grave.  Notice also the Trump flag carried by the one calling for deportation of anyone who disagrees with his venom.  Notice – no Biden flags among the Israel supporters – and the Proud Boys – and the planes they had flying over our protest doing mock bombings of us as if they want to slaughter us here if we disagree with their narrative.  That was their fantasy on May 19 in Jackson Township NJ. 

They also made frequent taunts to those they accused of being “gay” suggesting they would be thrown off the roof in Gaza if they lived there.

We had Jews, Arabs, Muslims, Christians, Veterans, working people LGBT and every color of the rainbow with us and they did mock bombings and lectured us about “NO INNOCENT IN GAZA” suggesting death to the entire population.

You can say its above your pay grade to call for an end to the slaughter – as you work to help the pro-Israel crowd now working to elect Trump again (Ben Gvir, Israel Security Minister refers to Biden as Hamas!) – but that just reveals the lack of vision that anyone will have in you as a leader.

You can not be FOR cease fire if you do not use your political power to seek it – if you make that case you are a fraud. I am not calling you a fraud – I am asking you to reconsider where you are going with your support for genocide.  You can continue to stay in lock step with the current disaster or you can step up and show real leadership.  Saying you want to stay in your lane is the former.

Sincerely, Bob Witanek

From meeting announcement:

Join us on June 10th, 5:30pm at Perth Amboy City Hall, 260 High Street, 2nd Floor, Perth Amboy 08861

To join this event or for more info:  perthamboyforpalestine

We DEMAND an end to the genocide in Palestine and we demand our municipalities to no longer be silent and complicit in genocide. Join us on June 10th, 5:30pm at Perth Amboy City Hall and demand that the Perth Amboy City Council adopt an immediate Ceasefire Resolution. The illegal and inhumane massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank demands immediate action. The lives of over two million Palestinians are under siege in Gaza must be defended and the adoption of a Ceasefire Resolution is only the first step towards sustained peace and sovereignty in Palestine. Join Perth Amboy for Palestine, Frontline Youth and various supporters in our demand for sustained peace. Our elected officials MUST be held accountable for their inaction.

Previous Report Submitted By perthamboyforpalestine 

Please contact them to join efforts.

On May 22, 2024, Perth Amboy For Palestine, Perth Amboy Branch of the NAACP, Front Line Youth, and allies attended the Perth Amboy City Council meeting. This marks the third council meeting where residents have advocated for the adoption of a Ceasefire Resolution, which is detailed in our Instagram bio. We have gathered over 200 signatures in support of this resolution, yet the Perth Amboy City Council has continually ignored and suppressed our voices. Yesterday’s meeting was no different, as Perth Amboy residents were met with profound disrespect and undemocratic behavior from Council President Milady Tejada.

Our initial outreach to the Perth Amboy City Council was on April 28, 2024, requesting a meeting with at least one council member to discuss the Ceasefire Resolution and the petition. Despite their obligation to meet with constituents regardless of differing beliefs, our respectful and collaborative approach was met with silence. After receiving no response, we attended the City Council meeting on April 29, 2024. Despite presenting the Ceasefire Resolution and petition, the Council did not communicate their stance on the resolution.

Following further silence, we emailed the Council on May 3, 2024, seeking to schedule a meeting and hear their viewpoints on the Ceasefire Resolution. This request was ignored by all members. However, Council member Cruz informed us that the resolution had been sent to their attorney for further exploration. This promising news turned out to be misleading when, at the May 8, 2024 meeting, Council member Puccio dismissed the resolution as “too one-sided.” Despite our response, the resident was dismissed in an aggressive tone, and Council member Cruz reiterated that they were still considering the resolution.
The first positive step occurred on May 14, 2024, when Council member Torres expressed support for the Ceasefire Resolution and requested its inclusion in the next City Council agenda. We commend and appreciate Council member Torres for standing on the right side of history. However, on May 22, 2024, Council President Milady Tejada ignored this request, leaving the Ceasefire Resolution off the agenda due to unspecified concerns about “word choice.” No prior communication about the wording issue was provided.

When questioned about her objections to the wording, Tejada could not give a clear answer and attempted to discredit the online petition, which she had access to for three weeks, by claiming it lacked physical signatures. Her contempt and disdain were further evident as she cut off speakers and refused to answer questions. While we respect differing viewpoints among Council members, we cannot normalize elected officials refusing to engage constructively with constituents. Despite Council member Torres’s attempts, the resolution did not receive a “second motion” from any other council member.

We condemn the lack of transparency and unprofessional behavior from Council President Tejada and reject the inaction from the Perth Amboy City Council regarding the Ceasefire Resolution. Hundreds of Palestinian children and families continue to die every day while the Perth Amboy City Council remains silent, despite the suffering being funded by U.S. and Perth Amboy residents’ tax dollars.

We thank everyone who has signed the petition, attended city council meetings, and continues to advocate for the Ceasefire Resolution. We are officially elevating this communal concern to a Perth Amboy City Emergency. We are determined to pass a Ceasefire Resolution and need the support of community members to make this a reality in the face of the Council’s unwavering repression.