Pro-Israel Fascists Target CA Psychologist with Vitriolic Threats / Harassment

Since May 7 and continuing , Dr. Michelle Kalehzan, who has been outspokenly critical of US policy supportive of Israel genocide in Gaza, became inundated with threats and harassment on twitter and on her professional phone line. Dr. Kalehzan is a clinical psychologist and many of the callers threatened her practice as if they could discredit and destroy her career and reputation. Dr. Kalehzan has been documenting the occurrences and keeping details as to where the harassment is coming from and who said what. That paper trail could prove a means toward accountability and even liability. While the media and the politicians of both parties are working in overdrive to smear college students and all of us protesting the ongoing US supported Israeli genocide in Gaza, very serious harm is being inflicted by fascist elements within pro-Israel advocacy. Violence, threats of violence, lawfare, smear, innuendo and baiting, as well as instigating violence against the anti-genocide movement are all on the agenda of pro-Israel fascists.

The good news in this case is Dr. Kalehzan has the receipts – and can prove the source of the harassment and threats. She states that there are “pages of evidence!”

The following are a couple tweets, there are dozens of attacks, documenting some of Dr. Kalehzan’s horrible experience: