Biden Quietly Approves $37B for Cop Funding Including 100K More Cops – On the Heels of Overwhelming Bipartisan Support the Trumpian and Fascist HR 6090

Biden is providing funding and massive expansion of police numbers in the midst of a violent crackdown on the unified student protests against the US – Israel genocidal war machine.

As is, the US has snipers on the campus rooftops, guns pointed at student protesters – on the anniversary of the Kent State massacre no less, students shot in the head with rubber bullets, a vigilante 5-hour armed assault on a campus protest by a fascist pro-Israel thug gang while the police looked the other way (UCLA) and overall massive violence that included the brutal arrest of Presidential candidate (and Jewish) Jill Stein! The pumping $37 billion to fund police including repressive weaponry and 100K more cops during a violent state crackdown is a clear message – there will be more blood spilled by protesting students on our campuses.

Go to this tweet and read the expanded comments of Alec Karakatsanis for more details on how deleterious is the BIden cop escalation.