Sweeping Ceasefire Fever Hits Monmouth County

In one week – the last week of March – 3 separate shore area towns were hit with advocates attending meetings and pleading with their councils / committees to support permanent immediate cease fire. These efforts seem to be continuing to spread and grow. Below is a report on the efforts:

3/27 in Asbury Park, NJ: About 10 or so pro-Palestinian advocates came out to show that they still want Asbury to pass the ceasefire resolution. There are plans in the work where residents are hoping to work with the council behind the scenes on a resolution they can agree on. In the mean time, advocates are continuing to show up to urge the council of Asbury to vote for a Ceasefire Resolution.

3/28 in Red Bank, NJ: After weeks of speaking back and forth with the Red Bank council since January — even one night having the room Flooded with zionists, and only 5 advocating for Palestine — the crowd was finally more in favor of a Ceasefire than not. The council of Red Bank continues to stand by their opposition of this as they feel: 1) it is not a Red Bank Matter; and 2) it would divide the town. We are hoping that with continuous pressure, and with the numbers consistently showing up, the council will change their minds. No one should be divided on wanting to preserve life; and every single person who has to witness these atrocities day after day, knowing they’re unwillingly complicit of this genocide through their tax dollars, is in fact affected, and as such, this should be seen as a local issue.

3/28 in Atlantic Highlands, NJ: A lone resident went to the council meeting this night to inform the council and other residents, who were there for other reasons, of what is happening in Gaza. She implored the council to vote on, and pass, a Ceasefire Resolution. Many of the residents who were there told her how they had no idea how bad things were, and how they totally supported what she was doing. The council also had a positive response and agreed to vote on a Resolution at the next meeting. If they vote to pass this, they will be the first (of many, hopefully) to pass a Ceasefire Resolution in Monmouth County, NJ.

For future actions visit MonmouthCountyNJ4Palestine on instagram.