NYPD Sends Hateful Racist Message Toward New York’s Palestinians w/ Tearing and Tossing of Palestinian Flag After NYCC Repression

As police dismantled the anti-Genocide protest at NYCC on April 30, they made a big spectacle out of taking down a Palestinian flag that the students had hoisted up the flagpole and desecrating it. They then proudly put the US flag up.

The repression itself was horrendous – we are looking for the details of this repressive action for a separate posting. Focusing on the police action at the flag for now – it was a hateful anti-Semitic (Palestinians are Semites!) act by the police.

It would be expected that they would take down the Palestinian flag and replace it with the US flag – that in itself is annoying but that would be said to be part of their job.

However the act of tearing at the Palestinian flag and then tossing it on the ground as a piece of garbage – that in itself communicates a hateful message. But even that in the heat of the moment would be less significant. The most significant and offensive part of this messaging was the decision to publish this video and the tweet as some kind of moment to be proud of.

It is a STOMP on NYC”s Palestinian community and it shows that even though NYC is led by a Black Mayor and the police department has much diversity in its brass – it is STILL A RACIST HATE ORGANIZATION THAT IS NOW PROMOTING HATE AGAINST NY’s PALESTINIAN COMMUNITY!

We know the score – diverse faces in high places – is a front for the racists – and NYPD is a thoroughly racist institution!