Christians for Liberation in Solidarity w/ Colombia Students Thu Apr 25, 6pm Outside Columbia U, NYC


Please bring flags, keffiyehs, and signs and banners that express why your Christian faith motivates you to call for a ceasefire.

From @christiansforliberation :

Sean Feucht, who raked in over $4 million by holding superspreader Christian concerts in 2020 and used these funds to purchase two luxurious mansions, plans to hold a “Christian March for Israel” at Columbia University on Thursday, April 25th. He is a Trump enthusiast and proud Christian nationalist who abuses the name of Jesus to promote anti-LGBTQ hatred, conspiracy theories, and racism.

Feucht claims to be coming to Columbia to counteract antisemitism, though as a Christian Zionist, his own antisemitism is quite obvious. One need not look further than his association with QAnon supporters Lauren Boebert and Marjorie “Jewish Space Lasers” Taylor Greene. Like all the pundits coming out of the woodwork to attack student protests for divestment, he supports Israel’s genocide wholeheartedly.

We call out individuals like Sean Feucht for who they are: grifters who see an opportunity to distract from the organizers’ purpose: DIVESTMENT FROM GENOCIDE. Feucht joins the rush to cover allegations of antisemitism at the peaceful encampment at Columbia or to identify inflammatory individuals who do not represent SJP or JVP. As more mass graves are uncovered at Nasser Hospital, with unidentified bodies found with their hands tied, some stripped of clothing, some still in scrubs, we still say: all eyes on Palestine.

We ask all Christian communities who reject Sean Feucht’s relentless opportunism and extreme nationalism to come out with us on Thursday! We as Christians stand against genocide and support Columbia students protesting for divestment. We stand against all forms of racism, including antisemitism and anti-Palestinian racism. We also stand with student members of Jewish Voice for Peace who are constantly ignored by mainstream media, who have been called traitors by hardline Zionists on faculty, and whose religious rights to observe Shabbat and keep kosher have been denied.

We echo organizers’ demands: TRANSPARENCY, DIVESTMENT, AMNESTY.