Report on Pax Christi’s Coordinated Weekly Press on Sen. Booker – Who Continues to Support Arms for Genocide Mar 13 #StopArmingIsrael


@paxchristinj showed up to check @corybooker @senbooker on his stance with Palestine.

“We want a ceasefire! We want an end to the apartheid. We want justice for all. We want aid for Gaza for all of the starving children. Billions of dollars of our tax money is going to kill children in Gaza.  We want Cory Booker to live up to his image of being a human rights champion, of being a human rights defender. We want him to call this what it is: an ethnic cleansing. A genocide!”

@corybooker @senbooker have you addressed your constituents yet?

@paxchristinj is “a region of Pax Christi USA, [and] we promote Christian nonviolence on the personal, communal, nation, and international levels.”

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