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You Campaigning for Biden or Are You Genocidin’!

So the depicted Facebook dialogue is how conversations are going with pro-Biden people these days. 

They are bloviating about the fascism of Trumpism which Trump also bloviates about – so all true – I grant you that.

But when you show how Biden is being actually fascist and genocidal now, between the Gaza slaughter and the fascist campus crackdown against anti-genocide protesters,  they attack you as a Trumper.  In this case – I am also being called a “Nazi.” 

The guy whose wall it is on is liking the comment where I am called a nazi.  I guess he believes it proves the point of the missive he originally posted about a smarmy way to respond to Trump folks. So I am no longer friends with that guy!

So if you are supporting Biden and come around looking for votes among the anti-genocide crowd – take it under advisement that we are being abused by your campaign supporters so we are likely not going to be very patient with you.

Team Biden, this could be problematic on those too close to call battleground states if you are acting dismissive toward anti-genocide folks.  You’re welcome!

The Biden crowd when confronted with the genocide issue has a few choices:
A. feign support for Palestinians and try to justify supporting the key enabler of the genocide, Joe BIden
B. Make some lesser evil argument (the genocide is not lesser by any means)
C. Admit the Democrats support Israel and genocide – which is the most honest tact but also reveals to those who are opposed to genocide the true nature of the Democratic Party as a genocidal institution. The true nature is revealed by the support Democrats provide for arming Israel and for a fascist crackdown against our rights to protest US policy under the fraudulent accusation of “anti-Semitism” for criticism of Israel.