Pascrell from Baghdad to Rafah Friday June 7 4:30pm 200 Federal Plaza Paterson, NJ

Contact: @paxchristin

@paxchristinj Join us in front of Rep Bill Pascrell’s office on Friday, June 7th, beginning at 4:30 pm to let him know that he is still on the wrong side of history.

In 2007, 4 and 1/2 years after he voted to give President Bush authorization to invade Iraq, Bill Pascrell referred to his vote as a “historic mistake.” The Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University estimates that the civilian death toll as a result of the US invasion could be greater than 300,000. That’s quite a mistake – something that perhaps more than a statement posted to a website is in order.

Tragically, Bill Pascrell is making another historic mistake with his unwavering support of the slaughter in Gaza. Right now, Rafah is on fire, north Gaza is being mercilessly and intensly bombed, and food aid for the starving people is almost completely stopped. The bombing campaign and the seige are all being maintained with US made weapons that are purchased with US tax dollars.

After the event, which will feature speakers from several of the co-sponsors, march with us to Paterson City Hall for a Palestinian flag raising ceremony (beginning at 6 pm). We will be joined by members of Veterans For Peace who are on their Peace Walk from Maine to DC.