IDF Participant in Gaza Slaughter Told He Was Not Welcome by Jewish Led Protest, Teaneck NJ, May 12

When FightBackBetter first learned of this Teaneck event celebrating the actions of an IDF soldier with direct participation in genocidal actions, we were unaware that there would be any protest.  As it turns out there was one outside this celebration of the actions of an IDF  genocide participant, led by Jewish opponents of the genocide.

We were able to get pictures, video and a report from a stringer reporter for FightBackBetter .

Such a large Jewish turn out in opposition to genocide is a sign that “the times they are a changing.”  While pro-Israel proponents, politicians of both political parties, college administrators, pundits, bloviators of every stripe are leading the false smear stating that opponents of genocide are “anti-Semitic”, such accusations could hardly be hurled at these protesters.

The days when it can be assumed that all Jewish folks are in favor of the actions of Israel are long gone. Even throughout Israel, 10s of 1000s of Israelis – including Zionists, are demanding cease fire and for Netanyahu to resign. Apparently Jewish anger over the ongoing genocide and the refusal to negotiate for a cease fire and to return all captives is not limited to the Israeli streets. The writing is on the wall – the genocide must end – the Jewish community is NOT a monolith in blind support of any action by Israel, regardless of the level of depravity.  These changes are a welcome development indeed!

A participant in the protest whose name is being withheld due to the violent climate created by false smear, police crackdown and threats from extreme elements in pro-Israel circles offered this comment about the event:

“This is a great testament to the importance of differentiating between pro-Israel of any religion versus Judaism.  With an ongoing genocide at the hands of IOF, more Jews are coming forward to support humanity and question and challenge impunity for the actions of Israel.  Tikun Olam!  Let’s end the genocide.”

Depicted here is Teaneck council woman Goldberg – she is countering the Jewish led protest.  She has often stated at council meetings that she feels uncomfortable when there are protests over Israel’s genocide.  However, as she is seen here, she has also been noticed at past protests usually taunting or making gestures toward pro-Palestinian protesters.  She is entitled to her free speech rights and it does not seem as if she has anything to fear – she does her thing without any problems.  

Reported Previously (5/11)

FightBackBetter staff is unaware if there is a protest planned but it is legit to protest the presense of a “Israel Genocide Hero” regardless of the location of the event. This event IS at a synagogue, Young Israel, 868 Perry Lane, Teaneck, Sunday May 12 at 7pm.  If a protest materializes, it can be made clear that any protest is not targeting worship activities at the location- only the celebration of bloodshed of Palestinians – which must be opposed wherever it is celebrated.

We are reaching out to community groups and individuals to find out if any protest is planned and will report back.

One community member commented under condition of anonymity, “IOF Mercenaries who have killed children unapologetically should not be welcomed into our community.”