Three NJ Senate Candidates On Frontline Protecting NJ’s Free Speech Rights

On Monday, March 18, the NJ Senate was attempting to move forward with repressive legislation which would mandate NJ residents and citizens support the state of Israel or be labeled as “Anti-Semitic” . NJ Democrats that control the Assembly and Senate in NJ and the Governor’s seat are trying to impose faulty so-called IHRA guidelines that have 7 points about Israel as suggested examples of anti-Semitism. Such faulty fast and loose conflation of Israel and Judaism if imposed would create a pretext for a crackdown on NJ’s movement opposing the US – Israel genocide. Coincidentally the same Democratic Party is coordinating US support for the same genocide in Washington DC – with the entire NJ Democratic Congressional delegation signing a discharge petition to push forward $95 billion to arm Israel’s continued genocide operation, US support for war in Ukraine and for military aid to Taiwan.

Fortunately in NJ we have 3 candidates for US Senate that are on the proper side of history – supporting a cease fire, calling for an end to arming Israel and speaking out against this attempt to make it illegal to hold these positions. Two of those candidates, Lawrence Hamm and Patricia Campos-Medina who are both seeking nomination to run for US Senate as Democrats – were on hand and spoke out at a rally at the Statehouse Monday March 18. I am seeking any pictures or video clips – to add to this report.

The other US Senate candidate, Christina Khalil, will be on the ballot in November representing the Green Party. While not afforded the opportunity to speak at the rally, candidate Khalil was busy Sunday and Monday working with this FightBackBetter Editor to lobby the NJ Senators on Twitter. The following is an example of her retweet and tweet. She tweeted at least 6 times on the matter on Sunday and Monday including retweeting it to the Dems I had tweeted to,

There were many hands involved in the effort. All of us together with our many tasks and efforts contributed to the success of the defeat of the first round fight this past Monday – including these 3 candidates. Hopefully this sort of diversified struggle across multiple communications channels continues to deliver more NJ victories against the bipartisan supported US – Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people – and the genocide light they are trying to impose on NJ with their attempt to legislate a pro-Israel mandate.

Presumably Bob Menendez, Tammy Murphy and Andy Kim are supportive of this Democrat Party orchestrated dictatorial attempted measure. They are silent when it comes to protecting our democratic and speech and assembly rights in NJ. We need to be unwavering in the face of the continued support for genocide that the Democratic Party, most of its office holders and most of its candidates are complicit in.

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