Kim Votes to Arm the Slaughter of Semites by the Thousands – His Only Expertise on Anti-Semitism is How to Be Anti-Semitic. Yes – Slaughtering 1000s of Palestinians – Mostly Women and Children is INDEED Anti-Semitism Candidate Kim – You Are a Menendez Clone!

This bipartisan effort to make opposing the policies they vote for – how they vote to send our tax dollars by the billions to a regime that thinks it has impunity for every act of depraved mass slaughter under the guise of “right to exist” and “right to self defense” as a justification of massive depraved indiscriminate slaughter of civilians out to be “anti-Semitism” – belies the fact that THEY ARE KILLING PALESTINIANS WHO ARE SEMITIC!

If you are killing people – killing Semites – you have no authority on anti-Semitism.

Kim you are in the business of mass slaughter – spare us the lectures. You know nothing about fighting against war and genocide as you are a wicked genocider!