Flatbush Sale of Land and Property Rightfully Owned by Palestinians Canceled at Urging of NYPD! usually tries to focus exclusively on NJ’s pro-Palestine efforts – and that ia a tremendous task but this victory of a similar effort to our to cancel the illegal land dealing – in Flatbush NYC is a victory for NYC opponents of the illegal sales operation – but also our victory. No doubt NYPD considered the massive protest in Teaneck NJ as part of its decision making. The successes of our efforts in NJ are rippling and helping the momentum – let’s continue the similar pressure against the ongoing sales and congrats to all participants in planning and attending the historic March 10 event.

The following report is from Insta user: C4dJSfTurjW/

VICTORY: Due to our pressure, today’s event in Flatbush to market and sell stolen Palestinian homes has been CANCELLED. 🚨

At the event, Israeli real estate companies were planning to sell land and homes in illegal settlements such as Neve Daniel, Efrat, Ma’ale Adumim. Most of these properties would have only been made available for sale to Jewish buyers, in a racist violation of both domestic and international law.

The event was sponsored by the Israeli American Council, JewishPress (a right-wing newspaper based in Brooklyn), International Marketing & Promotion, as well as real estate firms Emanuel Group and Your Home in Israel.

Join us today instead at 3pm at Grand Army Plaza as we continue to exert pressure to stop illegal sales of Palestinian land.

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