Israel IDF Genocide “Hero” in Teaneck, Short Notice, Sunday May 12, 7pm, The Saddest Mothers Day in History with Two Mothers Killed Every Hour in Gaza Over Last 7 Months

FightBackBetter staff is unaware if there is a protest planned but it is legit to protest the presense of a “Israel Genocide Hero” regardless of the location of the event. This event IS at a synagogue, Young Israel, 868 Perry Lane, Teaneck, Sunday May 12 at 7pm.  If a protest materializes, it can be made clear that any protest is not targeting worship activities at the location- only the celebration of bloodshed of Palestinians – which must be opposed wherever it is celebrated.

We are reaching out to community groups and individuals to find out if any protest is planned and will report back.

One community member commented under condition of anonymity, “IOF Mercenaries who have killed children unapologetically should not be welcomed into our community.”