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URGENT! Sign Petition: Save Silwan, Palestine — Sanction Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Arieh King

Per request of NJ’s top perennial Green Party challenger,, now relocated to Colombia, Madelyn Hoffman, this petition is being posted here on this very urgent time sensitive matter (days!).


According to the February 3rd edition of Mondoweiss, in an article written by Ibrahim Husseini, residents of Silwan, on the West Bank of Occupied Palestine, are fighting to save their homes. Their 62-year old leader, Fakhri Abu Diab, has been served with an eviction notice. He and the other 11 family members have 10 days from the date of the notice (January 31, 2024) to leave his home before it is demolished. (Read the whole article here). Said Fakhri, “When the bulldozers come, they don’t just demolish a home; they demolish my past, my future, our dreams, our lives.”

The act of eviction is supported by the Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, Arieh King; Bezalel Smotrich, Minister of Finance; and self-identified “fascist,” Itamar Ben-Gvir, the Minister of Public Security and the rest of the Messianic Zionists in the Netanyahu administration. Ben-Gvir called for these demolitions to be carried out over Ramadan and urged Netanyahu not to acquiesce to international pressure. These so-called leaders want to clear the neighborhood of Bustan and maybe other nearby neighborhoods in order to build an “archaeological theme park” and “King’s Garden” on the same spot where King David supposedly established his kingdom. The theme park would be built on top of 1500 homes owned by Palestinians.

The advocate for the Bustan residents, Ziad Qawar, said that “…This project is part of a larger plan that leads to the destruction of the Al-Aqsa Mosque to build a [Jewish Third] Temple.”

This petition calls for the Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, Arieh King, Belzalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben-Gvir to be sanctioned by President Biden under the recently issued Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions on Persons Undermining Peace, Security and Stability in the West Bank. (Read the whole order here.) President Biden has already used this Executive Order to sanction illegal settlers on the West Bank. Fakhri Abu Diab has until February 10th to stop Israel from evicting him and his family from the home he has been fighting for since 2012.

#EndtheOccupation #SaveSilwan #SanctionIsrael #WestBankUnderAttack #StopHomeDemolitions #SaveAlAqsaMosque #StopEthnicCleansing #StoptheGenocide #CeasefireNow #FreePalestine