SHUT IT DOWN! Democrats Cancel Vote After Large Turnout of Lobbyists and Protesters AND a Massive Campaign (Including Our Tweets and Articles Here)

The scheduled vote where the Democrats were trying to outlaw opposition to the US support for US – Israeli genocide in Gaza – almost 40K slaughtered so far that the same Democratic Party is facilitating from the US Presidency, Congress and Senate – was canceled today.

This is a victory for our efforts but we must still be poised since these authoritarians that run around telling us how terrible a Trump presidency will be (and that is likely true) are doing worse in Gaza and doing worse in trying to outlaw our rights here in NJ.

But we prevailed today – we in effect SHUT IT DOWN!

More details to follow!

The background:

NJ is facing a rising tide of opposition from every sector of its residency to US support for Israeli genocide in Gaza. Extreme measures are being pursued in an attempt to undermine the humanitarian tendency of NJ’s population that understands it is wrong what is happening in Gaza.  It is a horrible evil to slaughter 100s of people each day in Gaza and to bury babies in the rubble of buildings and all of the 1000s of outrageous acts of depravity that have been shown by the US and Israel.  The greatest act of depravity is shown by the US political establishment of both parties but right now LED by the Democratic Party that has empowered Israel with the armaments and wealth needed to exact this massive toll against an entire people.

There is nothing wrong with fighting anti-Semitism because it is a real problem.  But now under the GUISE of fighting anti-Semitism – the Democratic Party that on the national level is leading support for genocide on the state level is trying to outlaw talking about their genocidal behavior.  Not loving Israel is not anti-Semitic.  Israel is committing a genocide and adults are going to talk about it regardless of how pious genocidal politicians and lobby groups pursuing a pro-Israel agenda (that donate to many of the politicians – fact!) try to conflate anti-Semitism – a real problem – with disagreeing with Israel – free speech, free thought, logical thinking, obvious reasons, etc.  There are many reasons to disagree with Israel.  Jews do it!  Israelis do it!  Israeli Jews do it!  It is OK!  Especially during a genocide which some are saying has the greatest kill rate per history.

But this law being attempted equates criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism – in effect this legislation would legalize and empower a massive government led smear against the growing sector of NJ population that believes that – can you imagine – genocide is wrong.

Indeed this law will empower genocide supporting elected hacks who are voting to arm the massive slaughter effort to accuse protesters of anti-Semitism for saying NO TO GENOCIDE! Indeed that is the entire purpose of this news site right now – what will become of should this draconian nightmare of a law pass?

NJ is led currently by the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is literally trying to pass a law that will make it illegal to say “Genocide” in NJ.  Rightfully so, DeSantis and the “You Can’t Say Gay” laws in Florida are denounced.  But now NJ Democrats got some Ron Desantis BS going on right here trying to tell us not to say genocide and hiding it behind phony rules that conflate policies of a genocidal regime as some protected deity.  No thank you Genocrats!

This kind of draconian legislation is indeed bringing the US – Israel genocide being carried out in Gaza home to the NJ streets where governments are going to be empowered to shut down protests and activities where the Red, Black, White and Green are raised – activities that actually acknowledge the humanity of the Palestinian people being slaughtered. I am getting the shakes just typing this article.

But guess what! At WE SAY PALESTINE EVERY DAY! And we will say it on the day before this Kafkaesque law gets passed and if they try to make it illegal to say Palestine . . .


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— FightBackBetter (@fightbackbettr) March 17, 2024

NJ’s Own “You Can’t Say Genocide” – Move Over DeSantis – Here Come’s NJ’s Genocrats! NO TO S1292! – Protest Monday March 18, Statehouse, Trenton 8:30 – 11am

— FightBackBetter (@fightbackbettr) March 17, 2024

The following information is from SJP Rutgers:


The New Jersey State Senate is moving to pass S1292, a bill providing legislative intent to use the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism that equates criticism of the state of Israel to antisemitism.
S1292: []

Bill S2937 requires definitions of Antisemitism and Islamophobia to be included in the State’s diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging policies, and in any such policy for recipients of State’s funds, again using the IHRA definition of antisemitism that equates criticism of the state of Israel with antisemitism.
S2937: []

We will testify in committee sessions, engage with our legislators, and rally outside the NJ Statehouse.

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