Me and Mr. Pallone … 2nd Dance at Asbury Park Pride. He Got a Thing Going On and We Know its Wrong! Make Your Vote Demand an End to Genocide!

I attended Pride in Asbury Park on Sunday. June 2 in part to assist with efforts to complete petitions for several candidates opposing the bipartisan support for the horrendously depraved US – Israel genocide in Gaza.

I also was soap boxing about how among all the nations in the world – including many that would be considered less “wealthy” than the USA, USA is among a small number that do not provide a national health care system to citizens and residents. Many in the Pride celebration expressed their agreement and embellished with their own stories about how the system victimizes the people with lack of health assistance.

Pride is a struggle. Pride is a fight I extolled.

At one point I recognized Frank Pallone – he was hanging out right in front of the Green Party table. It was an excellent opportunity to rain on his what he thought would be a simple victory lap around the Pride event with pictures for twitter. Well we have one more picture for the collection.

This is not my only dance with Frank. What he does is cower and try to avoid any camera – and he usually has a couple of people with him and they sort of try also to block the camera. Too bad to have to walk around with people whose part of their job is to block the camera so nobody is depicted holding him accountable for genocide.

I also had an opportunity to dance with him in Edison outside the Middlesex County Caucus for US Senate (they picked genocider Kim).

In addition to assistance with Green Party tasks and soap boxing I also took about 20 minutes to circulate through the entire Pride event – back by the tables and up front where the music and concert partying was occurring – I danced to the music – with a sizable Palestinian flag. Everybody was observing and I was hamming it up – possibly the most flamboyant participant in that Pride event at that moment. There was much support – a lot of it whispered – smiles – thumbs up – but some more vocal – joining my dance – taking pictures etc.

There were some who seemed displeased and most did not really know how to respond. But the Palestinian flag was raised and waved inside the Pride event in 2024 in Asbury Park as well as in the streets at the parade.

Please see the voters guide. It needs to be updated because the Green Party is now fielding n complete slate – so GP-13 is now a full reality. More details will be provided once they are all fully clarified. So there will be a full boat challenge of anti-genocide candidates across the whole US Congress and US Senate NJ field in November 2024. And immediately, on Tuesday June 4, for those who are voting in the Democratic Primary, there are several ways to consider to use your vote to express an end to the US / Israel genocide including withholding a vote for Biden, including the “Uncommitted” option on the NJ ballot, as well as two US Senate candidates Lawrence Hamm and Patricia Campos-Medina, and two congressional candidates John Hsu and Mohamed Khairullah to consider as a means to demand an end to US genocide within the primary process.