Teaneck Adopts Racist ADL As Model for So Called Anti-Semitism Resolution After Racist Assertion by ADL CEO Greenblatt That Keffiyeh is Equivalent to Nazi Armband – Unanimous Consent Was Used to Shut Down Community Input!

The Teaneck Town Council adopted through unanimous consent a resolution purporting to deal with anti-Semitism but instead adopting the racist ADL (Anti-Defamation League) definition of anti-Semitism that basically says all Palestinians (anyone who wears a keffiyeh is how they put it) are equivalent to nazis. Unanimous consent means the entire council approved without discussion. This is across the board rejection of any potential to reconcile between the Teaneck council and those in the community that support an end to the slaughter of Palestinians. The use of unanimous consent shut down any opportunity of the community to address the issue. That was a dictatorial move endorsed by the entire council which was fully aware that the community had wanted input on the resolution due to the public statements and announcements being made by community groups. It means that Teaneck council intentionally imposed a racist definition of anti-Semitism without even allowing a discussion. It is believed by this editor the false smearing definition of anti-Semitism it has adopted will lead to legal and probably physical attacks on the community members that the council is smearing as anti-Semitic.

The resolution passed by the Teaneck council makes reference to the Anti-Defamation League as an authoritative source on what is anti-Semitism.

But using the ADL as an authoritative source of the information to base the resolution upon is problematic. The ADL does not separate out protected free speech in support of the Palestinian cause from actual acts of anti-Semitism. ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt recently greatly expanded ADL’s definition of anti-Semitism to anyone who wears a Keffiyeh. Indeed on Joe Scarborough’s March 29 Good Morning America show he adamantly stated that wearing a keffiyeh is equal to wearing a nazi armband. Also a review of ADL CEO Greenblatt’s twitter account shows that he views opposition to US – Israel policy in Gaza equivalent to Hamas support.

Teaneck Council though is not truly interested in fighting anti-Semitism – they are only interested in using the false smear of anti-Semitism for opponents of US policy that arms the Israeli genocidal war machine. They want to make believe that there are no Palestinians or Palestinian supporters that are upstanding tax paying residents. Indeed it seems they would like to build an apartheid wall around Teaneck to protect those who support the slaughter of Palestinians from having to even see a keffiyeh wearing resident.

It is true that there are indeed acts of Anti-Semitism that are occurring in the United States and this editor condemns anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic acts. However opposition to US support for Israel and opposition to the genocidal actions by Israel is not part of anti-Semitism – they are protected speech and indeed a necessary expression for anyone connected with their humanity. The Jewish faith is well represented in the effort to end Israel genocide and US support – organizationally and individually. Organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace and If Not Now in the US and Israeli peace organizations with Jewish leadership are all part of efforts to end genocide. Having a different policy position from those who support Israel is not an act of anti-Semitism and expressing that position verbally does not constitute anti-Semitism. Pro – Israel advocates engage in sophistry by conflating any opposition to Israel with anti-Semitism.

Can you safely wear a keffiyeh in Teaneck? Will this smear resolution be used at a weapon to motivate police attacks on protesters against US support for genocide in Teaneck? Will Teaneck be liable for hate crimes that could be motivated by this resolution ?

Given the expansion of the definition of anti-Semitism – and of nazism – by ADL CEO Greenblatt – this editor calls for full scale monitoring of all government resolutions that make reference to ADL and that we unmask these shameful efforts to undermine a true effort to end anti-Semitism – an important effort – with an insidious conflation that uses the smearing accusation of anti-Semitism as a political weapon to try to shut down opposition to US support for arming Israeli slaughter of Palestinians.