Sue Altman is No Progressive – Pro-Israel Stance Should Clarify for All! Progressive Except for Palestine Don’t Cut It!

Sue Altman, who built her progressive reputation connected to “Working Families Party” has renounced ties to her former progressive allies over the issue of Israel. She has issued a position paper supporting Israel which she has shared with a NJ pro-Zionist website. At FightBackBetter we are trying to uphold a policy of not linking to pro-Israel propaganda so you would have to search for the links.

She is seeking nomination and the likely Democratic Party candidate for 7th Congressional District. That congressional seat is currently held by Republican Thomas Kean Jr.

We have reached out to Green Party to see if there is a contender from their party for the 7th. seat. All of the Green Party candidates who have declared their intention to run so far in NJ have declared their opposition to genocide and support for an immediate permanent cease fire and a FREE PALESTINE!

It is likely that support for Israel is the price of admission to get support from the Democratic Party – the entire NJ Democratic Party is hopelessly pro-Israel – supporting repressive measures to ban criticism of Israel in NJ as well as using legislative resources to attempt a pro-Israel pep rally by passing resolutions supporting actions in Congress, US Senate and by Biden to arm the genocidal war machine.

Here she is with Booker who is funded by AIPAC and votes to arm the US – Israeli genocide,