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Will Palestine Ever Be Free While US Forces Occupy and Routinely Bomb Middle East Nations? Protest at Bookers, Friday, Feb 9, 5-7pm One Gateway, Newark NJ and Week of Events

The protest at Bookers Office this Friday is demanding a cease fire and freedom for the Palestinian People and nation but we are also demanding an end to US bombing of Yemen, Iraq and Syria and for USA exit from the Middle East.

We said it back in the 90s when opposing US war and sanctions in the Middle East that there can never be true peace in the Middle East without a just settlement of the US supported Israeli occupation of Palestine. We also concluded that Palestine will never have its freedom as long as the USA military presence provides a back bone to USA’s partner Israel to continue to occupy and brutalize Palestinian territories.

It is just as true today as yesterday. The proof is that the USA is currently escalating its bombing campaigns now, not only attacking Yemen, in retaliation for Yemen’s opposition to genocide, but also bombing Iraq and Syria purportedly attempting to target what the media describes as Iranian supported militias.

The whole world is in a state of crisis over the genocide in Gaza. That includes the streets of the USA where a protest movement is growing every day in intensity. It includes countries throughout the world where millions are marching for Palestine. It also includes the Middle East where the people are fully capable of understanding the link between US military presence, and support for the Israel genocide regime, and the now possibly worse than ever occupation and slaughter of Palestinian people.

So when 3 American GI’s were killed in Jordan in drone attacks recently it is not something that would not be expected. They are not there on a picnic but on a mission that includes support for genocide as well as control of commerce, trade, shipping and manipulation of all nations to follow the dictates of Washington DC. Indeed it is the USA that has perfected murder by drone – there was even a kill list discussed every Tuesday under Obama – Biden was at that table.

The death of 3 soldiers was used as a pretext to launch massive bombing in Syria and Iraq. USA has killed 1000s by drone in Afghanistan, Pakistan and in several Middle East countries with impunity – no retaliatory bombing – sometimes they pay out a few $100 to the families of the victims.

The US bombing of Yemen is directly linked to the genocide because Yemen is being punished for preventing Israel bound munitions from getting through – one of the few things being done that have any actual physical damper on the genocide. But the retaliatory bombings too are linked to the US-Israel genocide campaign because the actions against the USA that led to the 3 GI’s perishing – are in part motivated by an overwhelming unity of the people of the Middle East in opposition to the Israeli occupation, freedom for the Palestinian people and certainly right now opposition to US – Israeli genocide in Gaza.

Our role in the USA must be to stay the hand of the US war machine – the demands to stop the bombing , not to escalate warfare and to get out of the Middle East are inextricably linked to the demands for cease fire, an end to the occupation and freedom for Palestine. To the Biden administration and whatever we end up with in 2025 – we need to make it abundantly clear a relentless demand to stop the bombing and to evacuate USA armed forces from the MiIddle East on an immediate basis.

Cory Booker supports genocide (by not struggling for an immediate cease fire and routinely voting to send genocide producing armaments and other genocide assistance to the Israeli regime has just sent a letter to Biden calling for a slight relaxing of the humanitarian siege part of the genocidal mission but that does not get him off the hook.

NO! Booker we will be there Friday demanding CEASE FIRE NOW! Stop the bombing of Yemen, Iraq, Syria and US Out of the Middle East.

Friday’s protest is thus far endorsed by these organizations and several others are discussing joining in.

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