Rutgers Newark Encampment Raided by Newark Police

What is possibly the longest pro-Palestine encampment at Rutgers Newark has been attacked by Newark police and there are reports of violence against faculty and students. People are urged to call the Ras Baraka administration at . We are pulling some Insta reports in and will provide more details. Shame on Ras Baraka who prides himself a revolutionary turned big city Democratic Party mayor and now has presided over this service to US imperialism and to the US – Israel genocide operation!

Gathering more details and hope to update soon.

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05/22 Report:

We call on our community 2 stand in solidarity with our Actions and 2 Aligned with the Continuing of our movement of Divestment from genocide and reinvestment in2 our Newark Communities!!! We have been here 4 21 days supporting dah community, youth, students, and staff of Newark/New Brunswick!! Pull up 2 123 Washington St Newark NJ!!

IF anyone in Newark knows the precise current situation please contact

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