NJ Senator Bramnick Thinks He Can Force Speech Into Mouths of Students!

Jon Bramnick, a NJ state senator who wants to be Governor was on Fox News and they displayed on the screen a list of demands that Bramnick has for the students of NJ. Bramnick is stating that the Rutgers administrators should have forced the students to meet his (Bramnick’s) set of demands. Of the 5 demands he has for students, 4 of them are that student’s adopt certain political positions and that they make statements – aligning their political beliefs with his. Also he is demanding that the students succumb to loyalty to Israel which is carrying out a mission to wipe Gaza’s population from the face of the planet. Bramnick is demanding that the students support the genocide.

[ His other demand was to stop “illegally” occupying the campus. Aside from his specious legal opinion on whether the students did anything illegal in the Rutgers encampment, the students DID indeed end and dismantle the encampment – so he was stating a so called demand of an outcome that already occurred! ]

Bramnick, like politicians of both political parties is grandstanding. He wants to show everyone how pro-Israel he is and how ruthless he would be as governor toward the students. The students are the children of NJ’s voting population as well as voters themselves. Nearly 80% of Rutgers students voted in favor of the two main demands of the students (the ones not met): Divestment from companies with financial connections to Israel and the termination of Rutgers links to the IDF front Tel Aviv University (TAU).

The TAU connection is a mechanism whereby Rutgers, through its ICCAE department facilitates intelligence operations with the IDF – TAU. The TAU operation of connecting to universities throughout the US provides a two-way intelligence link connecting all of the participating US colleges directly to the genocidal operations.

The students followed a democratic path, they brought the issue to the floor of the entire student body that overwhelmingly backed the two demands. They continued to press those demands through a non-violent encampment since the administration was stonewalling.

But Jon, who entertains the fantasy that he is a future NJ governor does not believe in such a process. He believes he can state a set of demands on the irresponsible Fox Entertainment News that would force students to change their thinking, their opinions, what they say and force them to say something that supports Israel’s genocidal mission. If Jon is elected governor you must bow down to Israel in NJ. Unlike the politicians in both parties who get paid by AIPAC and other pro-Israel lobbyists as well as arms manufacturer lobby groups – we would not get paid to to pretend we have those beliefs. We will only have Bramnick’s fascist boot pressed across the back of our necks.

Jon fully knows – at least hopefully – that his “demands” are just a pander. He knows – hopefully – that there is not even a mechanism that can force people to change how their minds work. Nonetheless – that he would go before a national audience and act as if he believes he has the power to control our minds and what we think – what we say and the opinions that we espouse – that certainly should cause anyone to pause about whether he is fit to be governor or maybe fit for some other outcome.

Unlike the wretchedly incompetent entertainment journalists at Fox – who should have asked Jonny to explain how he would force the students to change their views – torture? threats? police violence? – this editor is pointing out the utterly preposterous notion that his demands are in any way a serious idea.

The students have their demands straight – they took them to the floor of the Rutgers student body. Rutgers students voted overwhelmingly by nearly 80% for the demands. The two main demands were not met: divestment and termination of the relationship with the Tel Aviv University, an IDF spy front.

Those demands were dutifully carried forward by the encampment through a rich political process. Bramnick on the other hand is the product of a sham plutocracy that offers two genocidal parties. They have bloviators on every corner calling for police attacks on students. Meanwhile US congressional and senate Democrats and Republicans along with Biden just voted to send another $20 billion in armaments to Israel to support the now launched slaughterous Rafah invasion. Meanwhile Biden allocates another $37 Billion for 100K more cops and repressive equipment to escalate the war on the students.

Even as both political parties put their fascist repressive boots on – echoing each others highly shrill calls for blood baths on college campuses across the USA – the efforts to oppose the genocidal war machine only grow. We are ready to take some blows and are taking blows from the repression but we are also ready to be resilient and effective in response to the relentless attack as US brings Israel co-coordinated quasi military actions against the unarmed students! We will be successful in getting the fascist boot of Bramnick and all of those politicians voting at the state and national level to uphold this policy of genocide – be they Republican like Bramnick or Democrats like Biden – off of our neck!