Gomer Pyle Voice: “Surprise Surprise” Billionaires Called the Shots in the NYPD Crackdown and Violence – As Previously Reported – Led by Intelligence Agent for IDF Now Tel Aviv Connected NYPD Intelligence Team Leader

And in LA – an Israeli Special Ops veteran was coordinating with LAPD (which was also the site of a 5 hour armed attack by pro-Israel gang of thugs that the police allowed to proceed) .

Below was previously reported n past days left intact here for more context.

These details are per the WKCR reports.

One tactic of repression that was deployed today – which was advised by the first set of arrests and the recent midnight deadline that was extended – was to first reduce the number of students on campus. The advantage the university had was that classes were over and today was the first reading day. They started the day by closing the campus to all but students whose residency was actually on campus. The media coverage was restricted to just a handful of outlets. Only students with residency IDs were allowed on campus and the gates were locked. Police mobilization was in the 100s.

The other two recent situations – 1000s of students had gathered – some onlookers and others not wanting to see their mates assaulted or worse. By restricting the number of students on campus – and with no classes thus reducing faculty on campuses – there was much less of a protective student layer. Furthermore a “shelter in place” order was put forward with threats of discipline if it was not followed. Students were threatened with arrest for trying to step out of the buildings during the police operation – so the order was enforced. The situation in Harrison Hall was studied for hours by a drone hovering so the police came up with the plan to use the elevation equipment and to go in through the 3rd floor – which was probably not what the protesters expected.

I am observing these tactical maneuvers just for future consideration. Ed.

Reported Earlier:
Unconscious Student On Ground . . . Tear Gas Reportedly Deployed . . . Shelter in Place Order Issued – Discipline Threat for Violators – Police Surround Campus – Invasaion Imminent! All Out to Columbia U! Students Steadfast Holding Hamilton – 1000s of Students Surround w/ Protective Perimiter the Encampment as 2pm Deadline – Come to Columbia! – Update 4/30 Hamilton Hall Taken

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4/29: Reports – 2pm deadline of the Administration suggesting disciplinary action for any encampment participants who do not vacate has passed. Materials are collected and have been moved. A large crowd of over 2000 students have formed a huge protective picket around the encampment and the call goes out. It is believed that protesters are also gathering at the gates of the university to show support from the streets. The university has basically turned down the student demands. They refuse to divest, offer incomplete transparency, the disciplinary remediation offer creates a probationary period where the students will be expected to refrain from protest and the University responded to the demands around Tel Aviv University by offering to INCREASE connections to the IDF and Israel instead of cutting the ties!

Students have called upon students to join the massive protective picket and there are reports of protests beginning to gather at the gates as police drop off barricades and have a drone monitoring visually and cell phone activity.


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At around 9:45 pm on this night April 23 Columbia President has sent an e-mail to the students suggesting a midnight – this midnight – deadline for a decision to end the Columbia Gaza Encampment – to “clear the lawn”. In addition to the encampment there is a large contingent of protesters outside the campus at the gates. We are on the cusp of a potential dangerous and potentially life threatening attack on the students! There is currently a larger police mobilization – outside the campus at this minute – 11:14pm.

Across the country students are taking over parcels of campus lawns to protest the outright complicity of their Universities with the US – Israel Genocidal War Machine. This tremendous development is a beauty to see so many of American youth uniting across faith, race, national origin and ideological background to call for an end to US / Israel genocide.

It is also an ominous moment as at campus after campus administrations are SWAT-ing their own student bodies – calling in heavily armed platoons of riot cops and sending them after their own tuition paying students.

As every university in Gaza has been destroyed the forces of genocide are now similarly adjusting their targets on universities in the United States. There is a vast overwhelming mechanism in motion churning toward an ominous disaster that could mimic the Kent State and Jackson State massacres of May 1970.

We all across NJ and indeed across the nation and around the world need to get ready to defend the youth of the US from the state violence that is beginning to be wielded.

All USA Armed Forces and Police Forces Hands Off USA Universities – Across The USA!


We will need to surround those universities that are under attack and line the public roads of those schools like Rutgers that have public roads if need be.