East Brunswick United for Cease Fire, Report from Thursday May 30

According to a local constituent of East Brunswick Township who attended the May 30 protest and then council meeting to demand a cease fire, there was an excellent turn out of support for the demand of cease fire. There were roughly 70 attending to demand a cease fire. There was also a significantly smaller number of local patrons supporting the ongoing slaughter of Gazans by the US and Israel.

In addition to the demand for a cease fire, a local East Brunswick resident addressed the council to demand an end to a so called “sisterhood” relationship with Yavne, Israel which is a direct symbolic connection of East Brunswick Township government and administration to the genocidal slaughter.

The participant informing this report stated:

“Overall the racist attitudes of pro-Israel advocates and the town council were woven throughout the evening. From the East Brunswick police officer segregating our lines outside based on political stance on Palestine, to them letting the pro-Israel group to pack the meeting hall and the council cutting off one of our speakers before the 5 minute limit. They also called a tiny Palestinian flag on a tiny stick a sword or spear. There were also a lot of anti-Arab tropes and flat out racism by the town council and the pro-Israel speakers. There were no major incidents at the rally outside, though the East Brunswick Police Department helped diffuse one angry pro-Israel advocate.”

Comprehensive presentation from this meeting:


East Brunswick Residents Gather to Protest Rafah Invasion and Demand Ceasefire


Date : Thursday, May 30, 2024

Time : 6 PM

Location: East Brunswick Municipal Court, 1 Civic Center Dr., East Brunswick, NJ

It’s been four months since the East Brunswick Township Council refused to consider a ceasefire resolution to stop the genocide in Palestine. 

Local groups and residents gathered on Thursday, May 30 outside the East Brunswick Municipal Court to demand an immediate end to the massacre in Gaza, an end to all military aid to Israel, and divestment from the state of Israel while it is in violation of international humanitarian law. 

Over 25 participating groups sponsored the event, showing the growing call for ceasefire by NJ residents. 

The upcoming NJ primary election on Tuesday, June 4 was discussed by the patrons.

 “This year, you will have an option to select “Uncommitted” instead of Joe Biden,” explained Yeou-Shiuh Hsu of Central Jersey Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). “There are multiple pro-ceasefire candidates, such as Larry Hamm, Patricia Campos-Medina, and Christina Khalil for Senator, Mayor Mohamed Khairullah against Bill Pascrell in Congressional district 9, and John Hsu against Frank Pallone in Congressional district 6.” 

This local call for ceasefire comes a week after Israel rejected a ceasefire agreement accepted by Hamas and other negotiating parties, which would have allowed for the immediate release of all remaining hostages. Two days later, Israel began its invasion of Rafah.

“In the past week, we have seen intensified slaughter in Rafah, including the targeting of refugee tents with 2000-pound dumb bombs, slaughter of children, actual beheaded babies, and people burned alive,” stated Dr. Ateka Gunja who helped organize the event. “We urge everyone to “Keep all eyes on Rafah.”’ 

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It’s been 4 months since the East Brunswick Town Council has refused to take up a Ceasefire Resolution.

During this time, Israel has doubled its genocide in numbers, killing more than 17,000 children and more by the day in #Rafah.

East Brunswick funds the State of Israel to the tune of $614,065 annually. It is time for us to end our complicity in the #genocide of #Palestinians.

Please join us on Thursday, May 30, 2024 at 6 pm at the East Brunswick Municipal Grounds, 1 Civic Center Dr., East Brunswick, NJ to show your support for an immediate, permanent ceasefire in Palestine. #alleyesonrafah

Town council meeting to follow at 7:30 pm. #uncommitted
📍East Brunswick Municipal Grounds
📍1 Civic Center Dr, East Brunswick, NJ
🗓️ May 30, 2024
⌚ 6 pm
📌Town council meeting to follow at 7:30PM