OrganizingResources Visitor Link Up

January 28, 2024

It is not as exciting as it sounds but on the other hand maybe even more exciting.

Folks are starting to send me links about Palestine that are not necessarily related to the hyper focus of this site. But the way it is relevant would be if those links were shared. Maybe the visitor suggesting the link can write a little about why they believe the link is important.

Perhaps even it can help develop the NJ opinion part of this news site and open some discussions – not like on Facebook with quipping but more of an edited discussion and with a particular focus on how it should inform our efforts to organize NJ into a maximally effective obstacle to genocide.

So for now, use the form below – better forms are coming, and are needed because so far all I am getting is spam from these forms since the site is hardly being viewed.

And to get things started here is a primitive view of the link suggestions so far.