MIT President Pushes False Narrative Erasing the True Issues of Student Issues – MIT Jews for Cease Fire

The following is the tweeted response from MIT Jews for Cease Fire:

After many meetings w/you, Pres Kornbluth, where you sympathized with our cause and our Jewish experiences, we are distraught that you and your comms dept have erased pro-Palestinian Jewish presence and dismissed the encampment as a “situation” w/no apparent cause or goal.

Your statement completely ignores the fact that the encampment exists because MIT refuses to divest from the Israeli Ministry of Defense and the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

To claim that the encampment is the one creating an unsafe campus for anyone on MIT campus is absurd: MIT is making its Palestinian, Arab, Muslim, and yes, even Jewish students less safe because of its insistence in taking the money of a genocidal government.

You frame the encampment as a magnet for trouble, placing responsibility for any potential external violence or escalation on us. If MIT is serious about protecting its students from trouble, it should be more engaged toward meeting our demands.

You refer to a foreign consulate-sponsored rally as being “in support of our Israeli and Jewish students”—the very students who said we “support terrorists” & made countless antisemitic attacks against us b/c we dare call out Israel. Are we not your Israeli & Jewish students too?

Stop perpetuating the false narrative that this is a Jewish vs Palestinian/Arab/Muslim issue. It’s an issue of supporting/opposing a govt that’s actively committing genocide and is guilty of countless violations of international human rights law in Palestine & the broader region.

As previously reported:

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Earlier today 4/26

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