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Toward Systemic Transition

Trump’s transition from power is welcome by most . . .and we are not through with him – the demand for justice and accountability will be supported by this site.

But as far as what we are transitioning to – – this during this time of crisis  FighBackBetter DOT Com intends to leverage the power of organizing resistance structures toward SYSTEMIC transition.  Biden is the “new boss” and in many ways, he is “same as the old boss” – especially when it comes to servicing the demands of multinational corporate power and a tiny gang of billionaire cutthroats who continue with their project of gaining ownership and control of the overwhelming majority of the world’s wealth and resources. 

Those powerful forces have the same demands on both of the servant parties for military support toward their international ambitions to steal land and resources and control development toward their profit making goals and to impose more severe austerity and dismantling of infrastructure domestically within the USA and assure that basic human needs like health care, affordable nutrition, clean water and air, education, recreation and other basic needs are not supported by government.  The survival of the majority of the people in this nation and indeed the rest of the world depends upon a transition to a system that serves the needs of the people – and no longer serves the demands of capital.

This site intends to document and help organize information about the incoming Biden administration in a useful way to support the development of fightback efforts around the full myriad of issues – including challenges to the systems that continue endless war, austerity and exploitation regardless of who is in command at the White House.  FightBackBetter DOT com will also provide links and details about how to engage with organizations and individuals dedicated toward a truly systemic transition..

FightBackBetter DOT com deploys a wiki approach for collaborative development of issues, organizational structures, the gathering of supportive links and other development of these resources.

FightBackBetter DOT com will build organizational data structures that will provide the information we all need to better collaborate and coalesce and bring new people into our fightback efforts.  Users will be able to find organizations to engage by issue, geographical location and other criteria.

FigthBackBetter DOT com will facilitate collaborative proposal methodology to bring forces together to consider questions as to how to collectively channel resources and effort toward more effective and results oriented organizing.

FigthBackBetter DOT com will invite membership of those who are collectively building the data structures to drive this process – and the data from the individual membership tables will be further integrated into the organizational data structures.

The most important aspect of this site is that it will use a collective collaborative approach across multiple issues and across organizational lines – with the potential to provide data supporting all aspects of struggle.

You are in at the ground floor – looking foward to our collabs!


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