Montclair State U Police Escort Professor from Bassem Eid Discussion

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Special to FIghtBackBetter by Susana Sotillo

On Thursday, February 1st, Bassem Eid gave a talk at Montclair State University. He is Palestinian and a commentator for Israeli news. He has a strong right-wing vision of the Zionist position. He claims everything that has befallen Palestinians in Gaza is the fault of Hamas and that the Palestinians’ plight is completely the fault of Hamas and the PLO. He had nothing but positive remarks about Israel, calling its mass murder “self-defense.”

Between 10 to 12 Palestinian students attended this event. Most left before the talk and the audience shrank to no more than 25 individuals. Also present was a contingent of the Hillel Chapter of MSU and other regional groups.

According to Professor Grover Furr, the entire talk focused on Hamas as mass murderers and Eid never mentioned Israel, the perpetrator of mass bombing with US, UK and EU assistance. As long as Hamas keeps fighting, there will be retribution. Eid also mentioned that the reason Palestinians have been replaced as farm workers in Israel with Asian workers from various countries was due to their association with Hamas.

During the Q&A after Eid’s talk, Professor Furr stood up and asked him why he hadn’t discussed the 25,000 or more victims of Israel’s persistent bombing, which many Americans and people all over the world have labeled genocide. He also pointed out that Zionism is a violent and racist ideology.

Professor Furr also pointed out that the problem with Zionism came long before the Holocaust and long before Hamas. This Zionist ideology was already in existence in the 19th century.

After Furr had spoken for no more than a minute and tried to ask a question, the event organizers asked the campus police to escort Professor Furr from the room.