ActionReports Breaks Fake Estate Sale has broken the news – after of course – of the illegal land sale being proffered in Teaneck on Sunday, March 10.

Some of the counter points being made in this article to the arguments that have been made against the sale are:
It is taking place in a place of worship which should not be protested on that basis.
The location is not directly involved in the operation – it is purely a building rental situation.
Non Jews are indeed allowed at the event and the sale is open to non – Jews.
That there is a safety concern for Jews because of the planned protests.
That the sales are legal.
That no actual deals are taking place on site on Sunday – only an informational session.

I am reaching out to various constituencies to respond to those points.

But it is clear that international law has determined the settlement properties to have been illegally seized so that is the fundamental difference of opinion of those supporting the sale versus those who are opposed.  From the article:

Most international bodies and the United States consider such settlements illegal under international law.

That in a nutshell cuts through all of the curve balls being thrown – that fundamental fact governs whether this sale is right or wrong and whether it should happen or not.

The fundamental answer to the question of is the deed these companies claim they possess legal or not – the world says it is not – and if not the sale is wrong and especially now while there is a US – Israeli genocidal operation in motion.


Protest the illegal sales of Palestinian land taking place right here in our towns of Teaneck and Englewood, New Jersey. “Israeli” companies are marketing illegal settlements in the West Bank of occupied Palestine exclusively to Zionists here in America. This is stolen land from which indigenous Palestinians have been violently expelled and is therefore in violation of both international and domestic laws. These “real estate” events are a regular occurrence here in North Jersey and we are demanding that no private/personal/public space in our towns be allowed to host any such events that are in clear violation of several laws and in support of an illegal occupation committing genocide.

Sunday, March 10, 11 am, Keter Torah Congregation, 600 Roemer Av, Teaneck NJ 07666

Click pic to connect with organizers on Insta:

On Sunday, March 10th, a synagogue in Teaneck will be hosting a real estate sale auctioning off Occupied Palestinian land. This event takes place every other year — and it has for YEARS. Since the Flood in October, Teaneck’s council and zionist cohort have shown where they stand through their berating of our students and the unilateral passing of a resolution claiming that the town stands with the occupiers. However, the truth is this is NOT where the people of Teaneck stand!! We are not just anti-Zionist, but PRO-PALESTINE. Our actions and demands are always led by our love and solidarity for the people of Palestine! Join us in a protest against the illegal sale of stolen Palestinian land! Bring your flags, signs, drums, and MASK UP. Keep our community safe from covid and surveillance! Meet-up location will be announced closer to the date, so stay tuned! Image description: Graphic with a picture of Palestine washed in a sunset glow in the center, bordered by 2 black text boxes. The text box on top reads “STOLEN PALESTINIAN LAND” in red and green, followed by “NOT FOR SALE” in white. The bottom text box reads “PROTEST ILLEGAL “ISRAELI” REAL ESTATE EVENT” in red, followed by sectioned-off white text. First section reads “Teaneck New Jersey,” second section reads “SUN 2 11AM MARCH 10 2024,” and third section reads “KETER TORAH CONGREGATION 600 Roemer Ave, Teaneck, NJ 07666”