NJ Cornel West Volunteer Committee Offers Complimentary T-Shirt to Supportive Students

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NJ college and high school students are being invited to receive a complimentary Cornel West for President campaign t-shirt.  The offer is being made by the Cornel West 2024 NJ Volunteer Committee to NJ students who can help the committee with at least one “meet and greet” activity where campaign volunteers can meet with students to talk about the Cornel West for President campaign.

The types of activities the volunteer committee is looking to organize together with the student volunteers include:

* setting up a table at a student event or at a busy location conducive for student outreach
* invitation to speak at meetings, parties, street activities other opportunities
* organizing an activity where the campaign can be presented and discussed
* Of course if you have another idea we can do whatever works at your school.

In all likelihood, we can determine the best sort of activity to put together once we make contact through a discussion with our volunteers.  If you might be interested in participating in this unique opportunity, please be invited to contact the volunteer committee by providing the requested contact and other information at this link.  Filling out the information does not commit you to this activity – firstly we will make contact to begin the process of determining your interest and how we can reach out to students at your school with your support.

Please click this link to express your interest in the complimentary t-shirt offer and in supporting a Cornel West Volunteer outreach activity at your school or with your school mates.


The volunteer committee’s interest is to make initial contact with students.  We also hope to initiate collaborative working relations with potential student organizers for the campaign.  It is understandable that a significant challenge of the campaign and all possible supporters is capacity – particularly for students not only the need to stay on top of classwork but also to be able to cover the expenses of mere survival.  Students are part of the same working class whose strife is giving rise to the Cornel West challenge.  Our goal is to explore relationships with student organizers that recognize capacity and priority challenges.  Whether or not the campaign will be able to fully support a robust student effort depends upon the future strength of the campaign.  For now, we want to get at least some initial campus activities in motion.

For anyone who is able to pledge support for this student outreach effort, please use the following form – details are at this link.


These are additional steps you can take to support Cornel West for President

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