Nyet! No US War with Russia: Actions /Statements / Analysis, NEW! Local Organizing Directory

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Scroll down to access 40+ articles providing hard hitting analysis, calls to action and statements of opposition to US war.

Leverage the resources offered here toward your efforts to mobilize opposition to US war threats!

UPCOMING ACTIONS (From Popular Resistance Site)

Feb. 7 Albany, NY – Monday from 4 – 5 PM vigil, Kenwood and Delaware, Delmar – “No War with Russia.”

Feb. 7, Online – Monday at 8:00 pm Eastern. Spotlight: It’s Time to Make Peace with Iran with Dr. Assal Rad. Hosted by North Texas Peace Advocates. Click here for more information.

Feb. 8, Online – Tuesday at 2:00 pm Eastern. Ukraine – the next NATO war? – No to War No to NATO Network. Click here for more information.

This page is provided as a resource for all of the organizations and individuals dedicated   Please share this information but also please get involved in building opposition to this war escalation wherever you are.  Please share information about your efforts and other efforts you hear about with this page so that we can help build mutual supportive connection between all of the sectors organizing to oppose this US war build up.

Proposed Action Plan for your local organizing:

The following are some suggested steps for getting something started in your city or school or wherever you organize:

Initial Launch Discussions  Discussions can be in person and via zoom, etc.

Draft Statement of unity against US war and preparation for war including provision of weapons and troops to the Ukraine,

Mobilization at car caravan and rallies at US Senator and Represenatives offices opposing US war on Russia.

Issue Responses to events as they occur and escalate.

Create Network of organizations and individuals dedicated to joining this fight.

Staff with volunteers and ideally stipended staff to continue forward opposition to war.


Join the fightback: Here are the groups and initiatives organizing around this issue

Critical Analysis:

To gain a better understanding of the US escalation toward war with Russia. Please study and share these valuable resources and also add share additional resources.

Stay tuned - Philadelphia Anti-War Movement is meeting Monday 1/31 to plan an action in Philadelphia - details coming soon!

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